I remember…..


This young girl wrote this book about dementia for a school project at a local school at 15. This is the same choir where my mom and dad attend. The choir is made up of young and old together singing. I read this book today and wow it’s very powerful. This young girl wrote from her experiences in the choir. She knew nothing about dementia before she came. Her book has touched many in our community and many can relate to what she wrote. She also illustrated the book as well. I’m definitely going to buy a copy.

Today I went back to hang out with my dad again today. My mom was getting her hair cut so I picked him up and took him back to his home. One of my favorite things to do now is to listen to his records. All the old stuff and things that just don’t sound the same on a cd. As I’ve written before music is incredible for people with dementia. One of the records we played today was called Classical Cats and it was such a fun record. The first time we listened to it my dad was like a kid he was so excited about and loved it so much. He even knew what some of the songs were.

We took a break and had lunch and after lunch he decided to go back to his music. Interestingly he decided to listen to Classical Cats and he was unsettled about it and it was not fun like last time but he found it loud and half way through took it off and put it away. Hard to believe he loved it an hour before. My favorite time is hanging out listening to music with him. Everytime he tells the same story to him it’s a new story and he’s super excited about it. As I wrote last time we go on what he’s thinking and feeling right at that moment.

This book is such a great resource and I’m looking forward to owning my own copy. For people out there who know people with dementia this is such a wonderful book.

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