Landing in God’s lap

Today we said goodbye to an awesome man. Bruce I did not know you for a long time but what I saw was a man who loved people and life. I met you and your wife at our church. I saw you come to church every week and come to all the extra services. You were a man who observed things from a far and when you spoke you had much wisdom. I loved to hear you speak because you spoke from your heart. I saw a man who was so kind and gentle and loved your family so much. Twice up at camp Imadine I was blessed to be in your group with you and Sue. When we got to introduce ourselves Sue would share her part of your life and then when you spoke the stories that you had. I was fascinated and especially loved the story about how you met your future wife at the train station. God indeed had an amazing plan for both of your lives. I loved your sense of humor and it came out especially when you teased someone.

Today I learned a whole bunch more about Bruce’s life. The adventures the misson trips the experiences with your wife and your two children. The life you lived the fight from cancer before you were married and that you should not have survived. God had other plans. You survived and lived a good life. Your story will live on through your wife, children, grandchild and your family. Before Bruce died he had a vision that when he died he would fall and land in God’s lap. Heaven rejoiced when Bruce came to heaven. He’s probably up there having debates with the Lord.

Bruce I will miss you and so will a lot of people, you touched so many people’s lives. I loved hearing the stories today. They made me laugh and cry. That smile of yours that lit up every room you entered. The friendships you had all over the world. You left an amazing legacy that we won’t forgot. Until we meet again.

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