New beginnings

I’ve been quiet on here because in one week my whole like got turned upside down. I have told people God is shaking up my life a lot and He has good plans for me, but couldn’t he do it a bit slower. A couple of weeks ago I found out because of the lack of children in school due to covid I’m getting laid off from my ECE position in Kindergarten. I love this job so much. I still have a job in the district but will have to go back to being an EA maybe in a different school. The good thing is I get super seniority so I will be able to find a job somewhere. The light at the end of this is when funding comes back for my position I can go back to my school in in now.

5 days later I found out my landlord is selling his house and he wanted me to move by the end of June. I can stay in my house until the new owners decide what they want to do. I still was trying to deal with my layoff and now another huge blow. I love my house so much but it is a lot of work for me. I love one of my wise friends she told me this home was Larry and mine and maybe God wanted me to move to a home that’s just mine and Zekes. Zeke is my labradoodle. At first I didn’t want to hear that and got irritated with her. I sat down and did the pros and cons of this house and realized after looking at homes to live, I do a lot here. Then my landlord started harassing me and telling me I had to move when he told me to. It even got ugly when he came to my doorstep and forced papers into my hands to sign. I told him I was not signing them and that I have rights as a tenant. I tried to keep my cool but it’s hard when he insulted me and started yelling at me. I hate that I had to raise my voice at him but he doesn’t listen to me. It’s hard to hear all the lies he’s telling the realitor about his house. I realized that’s not my place and this is his home. All our communication from now on is in email. I’m not getting into something like that again.

I realized that I don’t want to live here anymore. This is a chapter in my life that needs to end. I want a fresh start. So I prayed and others have come around me and last week I went and saw a place right in my neighbourhood. The couple who own the house wow they are such a great breath of fresh air. So nice and the lady she used to be an ECE. They are excited about me being in their home and I get a private yard for me and Zeke. The suite is being built now and my neighbour who helps me out so much now is good friends with them. It’s right by the creek and it’s going to be all new.

Wow I feel so blessed that I can move here and still stay in my neighbourhood. I can still get my neighbour now to walk Zeke. The couple know Zeke well from the neighbourhood and they have a dog similar to Zeke’s temperament. I can sit by the creek and just watch the world go by. Everything is included in my rent and no more having to mow and look after this huge property.

I know God has that right place for me for work as well. His plans even though we can’t see them especially when things pile up He Always knows what’s best for us. So even though my whole life seemed to get turned upside Down He had it all in His hands. Change can be hard but change can be so good and healthy. So even though it was a tough couple of weeks look at the blessings that have come out of it already. I woke up this morning excited about my new place and my new adventures.

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