Changing one life at a time

I love the heart God has given me for people including those precious children in my life. Tomorrow is Mother’s day and just because I never gave birth to any children but that doesn’t mean I can’t help those put into my life everyday. This year has been my first year working in one school with the same children. I love my job so much because I get to really hang out with these children and connect with them. Some of them carry huge burdens. It about breaks your heart. I see God using what I went through as a child to help and really understand the needs of all the children I work with. I’ve been able to give insight to people at school about what truama is and how it effects the children. I’ve been able to bring adults together to help understand. To build a bridge to that gap.

Last week I got to hear part of the sexual abuse training. Usually I’m on my break when it is taught. There is a puppet named Trusty which helps the children understand the material. The day I was there it was about keeping safe secrets and bad secrets to keep. I loved this curriculum so much even though it reminded me of how as a child I was given candy and told to keep quiet. I wish I had known about these things and was taught in school. It helps all of our children especially the vulnerable ones.

Even though for the longest time I hated what I had experienced as a child yes it was terrible but I also see God using it to help those around me. It helps others understand why the children are acting out and how to help them the best way we can. So even though God has healed my heart from a lot with the truama in my life. I can give back to help others. God is using me one child one person at a time. I love that so much. I go back to being an EA in Sept and I know God has that job where he wants me to be. Maybe for another vulnerable child who needs someone they can trust. For that I’m grateful to help and I am ready.

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