Why is doing the right thing so hard?

People who know me well know that I love rabbits. I love them so much and they bring such joy into my life. Rabbits have such great personalities and they are super social. Not only do I love rabbits I love rabbit shows. That’s one of my favorite things to do is go to a show and enter one of your rabbits. As a child we had a rabbit named Wiggles. He ran loose in our garage and I remember that he ate the tops off our rubber boots. I was devestated when the neighbour left the door open and he got killed.

My love for rabbits grew more and now. I decided the next best thing is breeding baby bunnies. I first breed lionheads they are amazing animals. I loved them but they are hard to sell here in the island. I’ve bred rabbits for about 10 years. Yes the babies are so cute but as a breeder that comes with a lot of responsibility. There are tough decisions that need to be made. Ones I hated so much but needed to do it for the best for my rabbits. I finally thought I had the breeding pair I have been looking for forever. Turns out Huckleberry has really bad teeth. I can’t breed him with bad teeth and he’s also in pain and barely eating and drinking. It’s so expensive to get his teeth done because you have to put him under and it’s a high risk surgery and then it does not fix the problem. The kind thing will be to put him down.

I’m devestated. He’s such a sweet boy outside his cage. Inside his cage he’s super protective. He was the only kit in a litter so he and I are really bonded. This is the part of rabbits I hate so much. My old counselor told me that if I never loved my heart would not be this passionate and it’s lonely not knowing love. ♥️ I hate that love hurts so much. I’ve made a tough decision to not breed anymore but I can’t take all the loss and I need a simpler life. I have the cutest babies right now from Huckleberry and Creamsicle. I can’t do this anymore. Before I move I will be selling off almost all my rabbit things. My new place is smaller.

To not exclude rabbits from my life, because rabbits are so important to me. I’ve decided to buy a plush satin lop and have a pet rabbit one that I can love and these rabbits are so mellow that I can use it in school as a therapy rabbit. I’m sad to be ending this part of my life. Seems like my whole life is Changing so much. This is one of those hardest times. The tough decision to do the right thing is never easy.

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