Liberty-Anne my best friend – memoirs

After we moved back into the city and my husband found a place to live. It was tiny but big enough for the two of us and it had a big fenced back garden and it was the across the street from a park. The park even had a baseball park. It was a quiet street but it was our home together for 13 years. Our golden had a great back yard to be in and we had gotten a kitten from the SPCA. Liberty our golden lived there until she died. Liberty and our cat were the best of friends.

One morning I woke up and I knew something was wrong with her. She was haunched up and when I called her she bearly could respond. I called my husband and he came and we realized that she could not get up and walk. He carried her to the car and we drove her to the animal hospital. The day before she was full of beans playing and jumping up on him. She loved to play. Now she was quiet and in pain. I sat with her in the back seat. Telling her I loved her and that she would be ok.

After many tests we heard what nobody wants to hear. She was full of cancer. I was in shock are you sure yes it had spread everywhere. What I could not understand was she never showed us that she was sick. She would sleep a lot but that didn’t mean anything. There was nothing they could do for her. Our only Choice was to have her put down. How do you put down your best friend. Liberty had been with me through everything. I could not have made it through without her. Why was I going to lose her. Didn’t she know I still needed her. The doctors had given her pain medicine and I was allowed to see her. Of course she wanted to get up and see me. One thing that Liberty was incredible about was making sure her pack or others she loved were ok.

The vet brought Liberty into a room and told us we could spend as much time with her as possible. I just hung on to her and sobbed. She sedated but she still could hear us and she licked me. Then we watched while the vet put in the medicine and she passed away peaceful. I was still in shock that we had no idea she would not be going home with us. We drove home in silence. I felt like I could bearly breathe. I curled up into my bed and sobbed. Liberty was my first dog and the adventures we had were awesome.

I got a paw print of her paw and I made a book about our favorite memories. It’s funny I don’t think of that pain anymore but writing this I felt it. She was such an amazing dog and everyone who knew me knew and loved her. I have pictures of her in my home to remember her by.

Liberty was a huge part of my life in the US and she helped me so much when I felt loneliness or when I was sad. We had so many amazing adventures and she travelled all over the USA with us. We have photos of her when we went to all the states. We tied her up to the signs and we got to see so much of the US together her and my husband. It took me 5 years to come back to Canada and she died when she was just 9 years old.

We waited two years before we added another crazy dog into our lives. That’s for another time that story.

One thought on “Liberty-Anne my best friend – memoirs

  1. I am honoured to have let Liberty and to have seen first hand how much love there was between you.
    A wonderful memoir of Liberty.


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